Camping with family in the Netherlands

Welcome to happy Dutch family in the Netherlands! Let’s make time with family the best memory. Camping is the best choice for family: stress reduce, fresh air, build relationship, unplug, connect with nature, educate children, connect family. There is kitchen in our rented tent. There are storage cabinet, gas stove, coffee maker, teapot, cupboard, kitchen set, refrigerator, electric heater, clothes drying rack, umbrella, mirror. We must bring bed cloth, blanket/sleeping bag, towel, pillow cover. There are 1 double bed & 2 or 3 single beds. There is area of toilets, bathrooms & washing the dishes. Camping makes food more delicious. We play, eat then sleep early. We see horses near our campsite. There are any playgrounds in our campsite and indoor swimming pool. Children can make friends easily while camping. You also see how funny my husband-Mr Bean Holland is. We enjoy our holidays with family, live simply & slowly. Thank you so much and stay safe!